August 3rd All Events

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August 3rd, 2007 (August 03 2007)DeathJohn Gardner, British author (born in 1926)
August 3rd, 2006 (August 03 2006)DeathArthur Lee, American psychedelic rock musician (born in 1945)
August 3rd, 2006 (August 03 2006)DeathElisabeth Schwarzkopf, singer (born in 1915)
August 3rd, 2005 (August 03 2005)EventPresident Maaouya Ould Sid Ahmed Taya of Mauritania is overthrown in a military coup while attending the funeral of King Fahd in Saudi Arabia.
August 3rd, 2005 (August 03 2005)DeathFrancoise d Eaubonne, French feminist (born in 1920)
August 3rd, 2004 (August 03 2004)EventThe pedestal of the Statue of Liberty reopens after being closed since the September 11, 2001 attacks.
August 3rd, 2004 (August 03 2004)DeathHenri Cartier-Bresson, French photographer (born in 1908)
August 3rd, 2003 (August 03 2003)DeathRoger Voudouris, American singer and songwriter (born in 1954)
August 3rd, 2002 (August 03 2002)DeathCarmen Silvera, British actress (born in 1922)
August 3rd, 2001 (August 03 2001)EventThe Real IRA detonate a car bomb in Ealing, London, U.K injuring seven people. (See 3 August 2001 Ealing bombing).
August 3rd, 2001 (August 03 2001)DeathChristopher Hewett, British actor (born in 1922)
August 3rd, 1998 (August 03 1998)DeathAlfred Schnittke, Russian composer (born in 1934)
August 3rd, 1997 (August 03 1997)EventOued El-Had and Mezouara massacre in Algeria; 40-76 villagers killed.
August 3rd, 1997 (August 03 1997)DeathPietro Rizzuto, Canadian politician (born in 1934)
August 3rd, 1996 (August 03 1996)EventGeneral William F. Garrison accepted responsibility for the outcome of the 1993 raid in Somalia, and he retired from military service.
August 3rd, 1995 (August 03 1995)DeathIda Lupino, English actress and director (born in 1914)
August 3rd, 1995 (August 03 1995)DeathEdward Whittemore, American writer (born in 1933)
August 3rd, 1993 (August 03 1993)BirthYurina Kumai, Japanese singer
August 3rd, 1993 (August 03 1993)DeathSwami Chinmayananda, spread the teachings of Vedanta (born in 1916)
August 3rd, 1990 (August 03 1990)DeathBetty Amann, German-American actress
August 3rd, 1987 (August 03 1987)BirthBrooklyn Decker, American fashion model
August 3rd, 1986 (August 03 1986)BirthCharlotte Casiraghi, daughter of Princess Caroline of Monaco
August 3rd, 1985 (August 03 1985)BirthSonny Bill Williams, New Zealand rugby league footballer
August 3rd, 1984 (August 03 1984)BirthJon Foster, American actor
August 3rd, 1984 (August 03 1984)BirthAmanda Kimmel, American beauty queen
August 3rd, 1984 (August 03 1984)BirthYasin Avci, Danish footballer
August 3rd, 1984 (August 03 1984)BirthRyan Lochte, American swimmer
August 3rd, 1983 (August 03 1983)BirthMamie Gummer, American actress
August 3rd, 1983 (August 03 1983)DeathCarolyn Jones, American actress (born in 1930)
August 3rd, 1981 (August 03 1981)EventIn the United States, Air traffic controllers affiliated with the Professional Air Traffic Controllers Organization walk off the joborn in President Ronald Reagan ultimately responds by firing those who ignore his order to return to work.Ronald Reagan Quotes
August 3rd, 1981 (August 03 1981)EventSenegalese opposition parties, under the leadership of Mamadou Dia, launches the Antiimperialist Action Front-Suxxali Reew Mi.
August 3rd, 1980 (August 03 1980)BirthDominic Moore, Canadian ice hockey player
August 3rd, 1980 (August 03 1980)BirthBrandan Schieppati, American singer (Bleeding Through)
August 3rd, 1979 (August 03 1979)BirthKris Jenkins, American football player
August 3rd, 1979 (August 03 1979)BirthEvangeline Lilly, Canadian model/actress
August 3rd, 1979 (August 03 1979)DeathBertil Ohlin, Swedish economist, Nobel Prize Laureate (born in 1899)
August 3rd, 1978 (August 03 1978)BirthMariusz Jop, Polish footballer
August 3rd, 1977 (August 03 1977)EventUnited States Senate Hearing on MKULTRA.
August 3rd, 1977 (August 03 1977)BirthTom Brady, American football player
August 3rd, 1977 (August 03 1977)BirthTomas Lemarquis, Icelandic actor
August 3rd, 1977 (August 03 1977)BirthOscar Pereiro, Spanish cyclist
August 3rd, 1977 (August 03 1977)DeathAlfred Lunt, American actor (born in 1892)
August 3rd, 1977 (August 03 1977)DeathMakarios III, Archbishop and first President of Cyprus (born in 1913)
August 3rd, 1976 (August 03 1976)BirthTroy Glaus, American baseball player
August 3rd, 1975 (August 03 1975)EventA privately chartered Boeing 707 impacts the mountainside near Agadir, Morocco killing 188.
August 3rd, 1975 (August 03 1975)BirthAryiro Strataki, Greek heptathlete
August 3rd, 1973 (August 03 1973)BirthStephen Carpenter, American musician (Deftones)
August 3rd, 1973 (August 03 1973)BirthPatrick Wilson, American actor
August 3rd, 1973 (August 03 1973)BirthJay Cutler, American bodybuilder
August 3rd, 1973 (August 03 1973)BirthNikos Dabizas, Greek footballer
August 3rd, 1973 (August 03 1973)BirthMichael Ealy, American actor
August 3rd, 1973 (August 03 1973)DeathRichard Marshall, U.S. Army general (born in 1895)
August 3rd, 1972 (August 03 1972)EventU.S. Senate ratifies the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty.
August 3rd, 1972 (August 03 1972)BirthSandis Ozolins, Latvian ice hockey player
August 3rd, 1971 (August 03 1971)BirthForbes Johnston, Scottish footballer (died in 2007)John Scott Quotes
August 3rd, 1971 (August 03 1971)BirthDJ Spinderella, American rapper (Salt-N-Pepa)
August 3rd, 1970 (August 03 1970)BirthMasahiro Sakurai, Japanese video game developer
August 3rd, 1968 (August 03 1968)BirthRod Beck, American baseball player (died in 2007)
August 3rd, 1967 (August 03 1967)BirthMathieu Kassovitz, French film director and screenwriter
August 3rd, 1966 (August 03 1966)BirthEric Esch, American boxer
August 3rd, 1966 (August 03 1966)DeathLenny Bruce, American comedian (born in 1925)Lenny Bruce Quotes
August 3rd, 1964 (August 03 1964)BirthLucky Dube, South African reggae musician (died in 2007)
August 3rd, 1964 (August 03 1964)DeathFlannery O Connor, American writer (born in 1925)
August 3rd, 1963 (August 03 1963)BirthJames Hetfield, American musician (Metallica)
August 3rd, 1963 (August 03 1963)BirthKyoko Chan Cox, American musician, daughter of Yoko Ono
August 3rd, 1963 (August 03 1963)BirthEd Roland, American musician (Collective Soul)
August 3rd, 1963 (August 03 1963)BirthIsaiah Washington, American actor
August 3rd, 1963 (August 03 1963)BirthLisa Ann Walter, American actress
August 3rd, 1961 (August 03 1961)BirthLee Rocker, American musician (Stray Cats)
August 3rd, 1961 (August 03 1961)BirthMolly Hagan, American actress
August 3rd, 1960 (August 03 1960)EventNiger gains independence from France.
August 3rd, 1960 (August 03 1960)BirthTim Mayotte, American tennis player
August 3rd, 1959 (August 03 1959)BirthJohn C. McGinley, American actor
August 3rd, 1959 (August 03 1959)BirthMartin Atkins, English musician
August 3rd, 1959 (August 03 1959)BirthKoichi Tanaka, Japanese scientist, Nobel laureate
August 3rd, 1958 (August 03 1958)EventThe nuclear submarine USS Nautilus travels beneath the Arctic ice cap.
August 3rd, 1958 (August 03 1958)EventThe Billboard Hot 100 is founded
August 3rd, 1958 (August 03 1958)BirthAna Kokkinos, Greek-Australian film director
August 3rd, 1958 (August 03 1958)BirthLambert Wilson, French actor
August 3rd, 1958 (August 03 1958)DeathPeter Collins, English race car driver (born in 1931)
August 3rd, 1957 (August 03 1957)BirthMani Shankar, Indian film maker
August 3rd, 1956 (August 03 1956)BirthAbhisit Vejjajiva, Thai politician
August 3rd, 1954 (August 03 1954)BirthGary Peters, English footballer
August 3rd, 1954 (August 03 1954)DeathColette, French writer (born in 1873)
August 3rd, 1952 (August 03 1952)BirthOsvaldo Ardiles, Argentine footballer
August 3rd, 1952 (August 03 1952)BirthFrank Schaeffer, American author
August 3rd, 1952 (August 03 1952)BirthLoles Leon, Spanish actress
August 3rd, 1951 (August 03 1951)BirthMarcel Dionne, Canadian ice hockey player
August 3rd, 1951 (August 03 1951)BirthJay North, American actor
August 3rd, 1950 (August 03 1950)BirthJohn Landis, American film director
August 3rd, 1949 (August 03 1949)EventNational Basketball Association is founded in the United States.
August 3rd, 1949 (August 03 1949)BirthReed Waller, American comic book author
August 3rd, 1948 (August 03 1948)EventWhittaker Chambers accuses Alger Hiss of being a communist and a spy for the Soviet Union.
August 3rd, 1948 (August 03 1948)BirthJean-Pierre Raffarin, Prime Minister of France
August 3rd, 1948 (August 03 1948)BirthPierre Lacroix, National Hockey League executive
August 3rd, 1946 (August 03 1946)BirthJack Straw, British politician
August 3rd, 1946 (August 03 1946)BirthSyreeta Wright, American singer and songwriter (died in 2004)
August 3rd, 1945 (August 03 1945)BirthEamon Dunphy, former Irish footballer
August 3rd, 1942 (August 03 1942)DeathRichard Willstatter, German chemist, Nobel Prize Laureate (born in 1872)
August 3rd, 1941 (August 03 1941)BirthBeverly Lee, American singer (Shirelles)
August 3rd, 1941 (August 03 1941)BirthMartha Stewart, American media personality
August 3rd, 1940 (August 03 1940)EventWorld War II: Italy invades British Somaliland.
August 3rd, 1940 (August 03 1940)BirthLance Alworth, American football player
August 3rd, 1940 (August 03 1940)BirthMartin Sheen, American actor
August 3rd, 1939 (August 03 1939)BirthJimmy Nicol, English musician
August 3rd, 1939 (August 03 1939)BirthEgil Krogh, American lawyer and Watergate figure
August 3rd, 1938 (August 03 1938)BirthTerry Wogan, Irish television presenter
August 3rd, 1937 (August 03 1937)BirthSteven Berkoff, English actor
August 3rd, 1936 (August 03 1936)EventJesse Owens wins the 100 meter dash by defeating Ralph Metcalfe at Berlin Olympics.Jesse Owens Quotes
August 3rd, 1936 (August 03 1936)BirthEdward Petherbridge, English actor
August 3rd, 1935 (August 03 1935)BirthGeorgi Shonin, Soviet cosmonaut (died in 1997)
August 3rd, 1934 (August 03 1934)EventAdolf Hitler becomes the supreme leader of Germany by joining the offices of President and Chancellor into Fuhrer.Adolf Hitler Quotes
August 3rd, 1934 (August 03 1934)BirthHaystacks Calhoun, American professional wrestler (died in 1989)
August 3rd, 1934 (August 03 1934)BirthJonas Savimbi, Angolan political leader (died in 2002)
August 3rd, 1929 (August 03 1929)DeathEmil Berliner, German-born telephone and recording pioneer (born in 1851)
August 3rd, 1929 (August 03 1929)DeathThorstein Veblen, American economist (born in 1857)
August 3rd, 1928 (August 03 1928)BirthCecile Aubry, French actress
August 3rd, 1927 (August 03 1927)BirthGordon Scott, American actor (died in 2007)
August 3rd, 1926 (August 03 1926)BirthTony Bennett, American singerTony Bennett Quotes
August 3rd, 1926 (August 03 1926)BirthAnthony Sampson, British journalist (died in 2004)
August 3rd, 1925 (August 03 1925)BirthMarv Levy, American football coach
August 3rd, 1924 (August 03 1924)BirthLeon Uris, American novelist (died in 2003)
August 3rd, 1924 (August 03 1924)DeathJoseph Conrad, Polish-born writer (born in 1857)Joseph Conrad Quotes
August 3rd, 1923 (August 03 1923)EventThe deceased Warren G. Harding was succeeded by Vice President Calvin Coolidge as the 30th President of the United States.Warren G. Harding Quotes
August 3rd, 1923 (August 03 1923)BirthShenouda III of Alexandria, Pope of the Coptic Christianity
August 3rd, 1922 (August 03 1922)BirthRobert Sumner, American evangelist and author
August 3rd, 1921 (August 03 1921)BirthMarilyn Maxwell, American actress (died in 1972)
August 3rd, 1921 (August 03 1921)BirthHayden Carruth, American poet and literary critic
August 3rd, 1920 (August 03 1920)BirthP. D. James, English novelist
August 3rd, 1920 (August 03 1920)BirthCharlie Shavers, American trumpet player (died in 1971)
August 3rd, 1918 (August 03 1918)BirthSidney Gottlieb, American CIA official (died in 1999)
August 3rd, 1917 (August 03 1917)DeathFerdinand Georg Frobenius, German mathematician (born in 1849)
August 3rd, 1916 (August 03 1916)EventWorld War I: Battle of RomaniAllied forces, under the command of Archibald Murray, defeat an attacking Ottoman army, under the command of Friedrich Freiherr Kress von Kressenstein, securing the Suez Canal, and beginning the Ottoman retreat from the Sinai.Al Murray Quotes
August 3rd, 1916 (August 03 1916)BirthJose Manuel Moreno, Argentine footballer (died in 1978)
August 3rd, 1916 (August 03 1916)DeathSir Roger Casement, Irish rebel (hanged) (born in 1864)
August 3rd, 1915 (August 03 1915)BirthFrank Arthur Calder, Canadian politician (died in 2006)
August 3rd, 1915 (August 03 1915)BirthPete Newell, American basketball coach
August 3rd, 1914 (August 03 1914)EventWorld War I: Germany declares war against France.
August 3rd, 1913 (August 03 1913)EventWheatland Hop Riot
August 3rd, 1913 (August 03 1913)BirthMel Tolkin, television comedy writer (died in 2007)
August 3rd, 1911 (August 03 1911)BirthAlex McCrindle, Scottish actor (died in 1990)
August 3rd, 1905 (August 03 1905)BirthDolores del Rio, Mexican-born actress (died in 1983)
August 3rd, 1905 (August 03 1905)BirthFranz Cardinal Konig, Austrian Catholic archbishop (died in 2004)
August 3rd, 1904 (August 03 1904)BirthClifford D. Simak, American author (died in 1988)Clifford D. Simak Quotes
August 3rd, 1903 (August 03 1903)BirthHabib Bourguiba, Tunisian politician (died in 2000)
August 3rd, 1902 (August 03 1902)BirthRegina Jonas, first woman rabbi
August 3rd, 1901 (August 03 1901)BirthStefan Cardinal Wyszynski, Polish Catholic prelate (died in 1981)
August 3rd, 1900 (August 03 1900)EventFirestone Tire & Rubber Company founded.
August 3rd, 1900 (August 03 1900)BirthErnie Pyle, American war correspondent (died in 1945)
August 3rd, 1900 (August 03 1900)BirthJohn T. Scopes, American defendant (died in 1970)
August 3rd, 1899 (August 03 1899)BirthLouis Chiron, Monegasque race car driver (died in 1979)
August 3rd, 1895 (August 03 1895)BirthMarguerite Nichols, American actress (died in 1941)
August 3rd, 1894 (August 03 1894)BirthHarry Heilmann, American baseball player (died in 1951)
August 3rd, 1887 (August 03 1887)BirthRupert Brooke, English poet (died in 1915)Rupert Brooke Quotes
August 3rd, 1879 (August 03 1879)DeathJoseph Severn, English painter (born in 1793)
August 3rd, 1877 (August 03 1877)DeathWilliam Butler Ogden, American politician, 1st Mayor of Chicago (born in 1805)
August 3rd, 1872 (August 03 1872)BirthKing Haakon VII of Norway (died in 1957)
August 3rd, 1867 (August 03 1867)BirthStanley Baldwin, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (died in 1947)
August 3rd, 1867 (August 03 1867)DeathPhilipp August Bockh, German scholar and antiquarian (born in 1785)
August 3rd, 1860 (August 03 1860)EventThe Second Maori War begins in New Zealand.
August 3rd, 1860 (August 03 1860)BirthW.K. Dickson, Scottish inventor (died in 1935)
August 3rd, 1857 (August 03 1857)DeathEugene Sue, French novelist (born in 1804)
August 3rd, 1856 (August 03 1856)BirthAlfred Deakin, 2nd Prime Minister of Australia (died in 1919)
August 3rd, 1852 (August 03 1852)EventFirst Boat Race between Yale and Harvard, the first American intercollegiate athletic event. Harvard won.
August 3rd, 1850 (August 03 1850)BirthReginald Heber Roe, 2nd Headmaster of Brisbane Grammar School (died in 1926)Reginald Heber Quotes
August 3rd, 1839 (August 03 1839)DeathDorothea von Schlegel, German novelist (born in 1763)
August 3rd, 1832 (August 03 1832)BirthIvan Zajc, Croatian composer (died in 1914)
August 3rd, 1817 (August 03 1817)BirthArchduke Albert, Austrian general (died in 1895)
August 3rd, 1811 (August 03 1811)BirthElisha Graves Otis, American inventor (died in 1861)
August 3rd, 1808 (August 03 1808)BirthHamilton Fish, American politician (died in 1893)
August 3rd, 1805 (August 03 1805)DeathChristopher Anstey, English writer (born in 1724)
August 3rd, 1801 (August 03 1801)BirthJoseph Paxton, English gardener (died in 1865)
August 3rd, 1797 (August 03 1797)DeathJeffrey Amherst, British military commander (born in 1717)
August 3rd, 1792 (August 03 1792)DeathRichard Arkwright, English industrialist and inventor (born in 1732)
August 3rd, 1783 (August 03 1783)EventMount Asama erupts in Japan, killing 35,000 people.
August 3rd, 1780 (August 03 1780)DeathEtienne Bonnot de Condillac, French philosopher (born in 1715) Philo Quotes
August 3rd, 1773 (August 03 1773)DeathStanislaw Konarski, Polish writer (born in 1700)
August 3rd, 1770 (August 03 1770)BirthKing Friedrich Wilhelm III of Prussia (died in 1840)
August 3rd, 1761 (August 03 1761)DeathJohann Matthias Gesner, German classical scholar (born in 1691)
August 3rd, 1721 (August 03 1721)DeathGrinling Gibbons, Dutch-born woodcarver (born in 1648)
August 3rd, 1720 (August 03 1720)DeathAnthonie Heinsius, Dutch statesman (born in 1641)
August 3rd, 1712 (August 03 1712)DeathJoshua Barnes, English scholar (born in 1654)
August 3rd, 1692 (August 03 1692)BirthJohn Henley, English clergyman (died in 1759)
August 3rd, 1678 (August 03 1678)EventRobert LaSalle builds the Le Griffon, the first known ship built in America.
August 3rd, 1667 (August 03 1667)DeathFrancesco Borromini, Swiss sculptor and architect (born in 1599)
August 3rd, 1645 (August 03 1645)EventThirty Years War: Second Battle of Nordlingen (Battle of Allerheim)A French army under the command of Louis de Bourbon, Duc d Enghien and Marshal Henri, Vicomte de Turenne attacks and defeats an Imperial army, led by Field Marshal Franz Baron (Freiherr) von Mercy at Alerheim, near Nordlingen, Germany.
August 3rd, 1635 (August 03 1635)EventThe third of the Tokugawa shoguns, Iemitsu, establishes the system of alternate attendance (sankin kotai) by which the feudal daimyo are required to spend one year at Edo Castle in Tokyo and one year back home at their feudal manor, while their families remained in Tokyo as virtual political hostages. (Traditional Japanese Date: June 21, 1635).
August 3rd, 1621 (August 03 1621)DeathGuillaume du Vair, French writer (born in 1556)
August 3rd, 1604 (August 03 1604)DeathBernardino de Mendoza, Spanish military commander
August 3rd, 1546 (August 03 1546)DeathAntonio da Sangallo the Younger, Italian architect (born in 1484)
August 3rd, 1546 (August 03 1546)DeathEtienne Dolet, French scholar and printer (born in 1509)
August 3rd, 1527 (August 03 1527)EventFirst known letter was sent from North America by John Rut while at St. John s, Newfoundland.
August 3rd, 1527 (August 03 1527)DeathScaramuccia Trivulzio, Italian cardinal
August 3rd, 1509 (August 03 1509)BirthEtienne Dolet, French scholar (died in 1546)
August 3rd, 1492 (August 03 1492)EventChristopher Columbus sets sail from Palos de la Frontera, Spain.Christopher Columbus Quotes
August 3rd, 1492 (August 03 1492)EventThe Jews of Spain are expelled by the Catholic Monarchs.
August 3rd, 1460 (August 03 1460)DeathKing James II of Scotland (born in 1430)
August 3rd, 0881 (August 03 0881)EventBattle of Saucourt-en-Vimeu, where Louis III of France defeated the Vikings, an event celebrated in the poem Ludwigslied
August 3rd, 0435 (August 03 0435)EventDeposed Patriarch of Constantinople Nestorius, considered the originator of Nestorianism, was exiled by Byzantine Emperor Theodosius II to a monastery in Egypt.
August 3rd, 0008 (August 03 0008)EventRoman Empire general Tiberius defeats Dalmatians on the river Bathinus.

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